Friday, 27 May 2011

Little About OCean

Ocean has many invisible things which is not known to many out there.!!!

There are many things happening below the surface

There are beautiful creatures down there all know about it don’t  you, may have seen in Television or even have Aquarium in your home.

Do  you know that most of the oxygen in generated from oceans! Yes it is.

The micro organism present in ocean’s provide more oxygen than on the land. Have you ever noticed that even after cutting down the trees still your BREATHING. Its all because of unseen organism present there.

So what is happing over there Now.??

All know, every day we have dumping tons of garbage’s in ocean’s most are getting recycled but still they are many out there who is least bothered to Recycle.. the only bug in there minds is ( Why Should I).. IF not you then who?

Now a days.. Many creatures are getting in to problems. Like:-

As there are many ships, submarines and other stuff there. This machines need Communications on land. What’s happening now as they send multi signals and sounds, the creatures are not able to communicated to each other. (Hope you know dolphins and whales communicate through there own languages).. This waves disturbs there communication and leading to land on sea shores (you must have been seen them)

So what can u do ?

These are a bit of things you can do..

First Recycle: Try recycling as much as possible like paper, plastic and others.

Plan a tree:   Though it cannot provide much thing.. At least it can do its part in maintaining the oxygen level  on earth.

Educate :  Educate people of the consequences what will happen in future.( Dont just tell, Do it show then you do care)

Transfer: Instead of Trashing things in bins. Checkout if somebody needs the stuff of yours ( The thing you throw away as old, Can be new for someone out there).

Remember you are just a guest to the World..

                                       Save and Serve to Visit again.

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